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Democratic party

Born-April 28, 1758, Westmoreland County, VirginiaDied-July 4, 1831, New York City, New YorkCareer-Lawyer

EDUCATION:Education-College of William and Mary,Williamsburg, Virginia (graduated 1776)

Term-5th President of the United States (1817–1825Nickname“The Last Cocked Hat,” “Era-of-Good-Feelings President”

1. Teenage James Monroe was a hero at the Battle of Trenton. The 18-year-old lieutenant was sent across the Delaware River by Washington to scout, and he nearly died after being shot during the fight in Trenton.2. Monroe initially opposed the Constitution. Monroe wasn’t at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 and opposed it at Virginia’s ratification convention, wanting a strong bill of rights. 3. Monroe was a law apprentice for Thomas Jefferson. Monroe studied under the third president, but he wasn’t an outstanding lawyer. Monroe was more interested in politics in his native Virginia and served in the Continental Congress at the age of 25.

5 Facts-

Vice President

Taylore Ashton

James Monroe

Daniel D. Tompkins

Children- James Spence Monroe, Eliza Monroe, Maria Hester MonroeWife-Elizabeth Monroe

Democratic-Republican PartyJames Monroe, Party


4. Monroe was not friendly with George Washington. The men had a falling out after Washington sent Monroe, his former lieutenant, to France as an ambassador. Washington eventually fired Monroe after he criticized the Jay Treaty.5. Monroe was able to buy Florida for $5 million. Monroe had started talks with Spain about Florida while he was James Madison’s secretary of state in 1815. After violence in the region and a flurry of diplomacy, Adams helped negotiate a deal for Monroe where the U.S. would pay off damage claims made by Spain during the violence.


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