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Democratic Party



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Democratic Party


Democrats believe they're greater together than alone therefore they all play by the same rules. They fight for civil rights, health care, social security and women/workers rights but highly focus on the economy in order to lift up Americans.

Thomas Jefferson organized this party, which then gained power in 1800. They then split into factions, after the War of 1812. The one's who supported Jeffersons principals became the Democratic Party. They progressed as the years went by; In 1920, women were alloweed to vote, in 1935 the social security act got approved, in 1964 the civil rights act took place, & in 2012 the patient protection and affordable care act got approved.

They support the progressive tax structure but vow to adjust the Alternate Minimum tax, which is a tax imposed at a flat rate adjusted to income. Taxes now affect everyone, especialywith incomes from $75,000 to $100,000. They arethinking over re-adjusting taxes back to it's initial intention. However, Charles Rangel (Committee Chairman) wants to push AMT for those who don't pay taxes.

They believe everyone deserves a fair wage. That's why they support adjusting the minumim wage. President Obama mentioned that "A familywith two kids that earns minimum wage still lives below the poverty line. That's wrong." So for 2015, they plan on rising the minimum wage to $10.10.

They have established the financial system to prevent a second Great Depression. They went from a place that lost 700,000 jobs a month to gaining over half of those jobs a month. They're still working on creating more jobs by ending tax loopholes for coporations, providing tax events to small businesses, investing in a clean energy economy and rebuilding our infrastructure.

They are actually going through a budget crisis. They owe various creditors a total of 18.1 million dollars. They are going through serious organizational problems since last election. However, they are thinking over stragedies to solve this problem. They are paying $1million a month to catch up with their debt and will not give up into making in through sucess for 2015,2016 and beyond.

Harry Reid, Senate Leader

Franklin D Roosevelt

Joe Biden, Vice President

Bill Clinton

Barack Obama, President

Harry S Truman

Nancy Pelosi, House Leader

Thomas Jefferson


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