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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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DemocracyA democracy is an arrangement of govenment which the people or citizens directly or not directly.(,.'Kids.Net.Au-Encyclopedia>Democacy'.N.p.,2014.Web.15Dec.2014)

Checks and Balances

The Court System In S.K.The Judge in the Supreme Court punishes someone who did something bad. The Supreme Court is part of the Judicial Branch. The Supreme Court is the most powerfullest court in the Judicial Branch. The Judicial Branch enforces the law.(Wikipedia,.(2015).Citizenship.Retrieves 9 February 2015, from

The president agreed for the second one for the bill.

The Leaders in Each Of the Branches Are...?The leader of the Executive Branch is the President, Park Geun-hye. The presidents have a period of five years.((KOCIS),Korean.'Korea.Net: The Official Website Of the Republlic of Korea' p.,2015.Web 15 Jan.2015.The leader of the Legislative Branch is Kang Chang-hee. He was voted on the 2nd of July on 2012.(Wikpedia,.'Kang Chang-Hee'.N.p., 2015.Web 19 Jan.2015.)The leader of the Judicial Branch is Cheif Justice, Yang Sung-tae. He became Cheif on September 25,2011.(Wikipedia,.'Cheif Justice Of The Republic Of Korea'.N.p.,2015.Web.19 Jan.2015.)

Where are the three branches located in South Korea?The location of the Executive Branch is the Blue House. the Blue House in in 1 Sejongno Jongno-gu, Seoul.(,.'Blue House-Google 지도'.N.p.,2015.Web.19 Jan.2015.)The location of the Legislative Branch is the National Assembly (국회의사당). The National Assembly is in 1, Uisadang-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.(,. 'The National Assembly Building(국회의사당) Official Korea Tourism Organization's.N.p.,2015.Web.21 Jan.2015.)The Judicial Branch location is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is in Seocho-gu, Seocho-daero,Seoul.(,.'The Supreme Court of Korea'.N.p.,2015.Web 21 Jan.2015.)

How-A-Bill-Becomes-A-Law StepsFirst,the National Assembly members tell an idea called a bill. The bill is sent to the comittee ,and they discuss it and then vote on it. If they agree it, the bill goes to the full house of the National Assembly. If the National Assembly agrees, then it goes to the president. then, the president has to agree so it becomes a law.(,.'How A Bill Becomes A Law Part 1:How it starts'.N.p.,2015.Web.28 Jan.2015.)

The First President StoryJapan lost at World War 2 and Korea got freedom and got released by Japan.But, there was no leader or government sine Japan took over Korea.So the unified Korea they had to have a leader and government. But the North part had USSR and the South part had USA but choosing the leader and government, USA and USSR dis agreed. So USA asked help to UN and UN told them they should have an election. USA and UN agreed but the North part and USSR disagreed.So only the South part had an election and Lee Seung Man became presiedent. So only on the South part, they had an election and Lee Seung Man as president and assembly,were made. And the South part only had law. But two years later, South and North had the Korean War.(CHI, H. AND YI, H.Han-kwŏn ŭro ponŭn kŭrim Han'guksa paekkwaIn-text: (Chi and Yi)Bibliography: Chi, ho-jin, and Hyŏk Yi. Han-Kwŏn Ŭro Ponŭn Kŭrim Han'guksa Paekkwa. Sŏul-si: Chinsŏn Ai, 2006. Print.)


The Three Branches of GovermentThe three branches of goverment in the S.K.(South Korea) is the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch,and the Legislative Branch.(Wikipedia,.'Government Of South Korea'. N. p.,2015.Web.15 Jan.2015.)

CITIZENSHIPCitizenship is when a person gets cared for by the country. They have rights and duties. They include the right to vote(democracy), work and live in the country, the rght to return to their country,the right to buy a house, having protections from the government and military. It's important because it's important.(Wikipedia,.'Citizenship'.N.p.,2015.Web.29 Jan.2015.)

Checks and BalancesSo, when they make a law,The National Assembly makes a bill. Then, it goes up to the President. The President might agree or not. If he disagrees, the bill gets canceled. If he agrees,the bill goes up to the Supreme Court. If they agree, the bill becomes a law. If they do not agree, the bill becoomes canceled. Each branch supervises the other two branches so no branch has too much power.(,.'Kids.Net.Au-Encyclopdia>Checks And Balances'.N.p.,2015.Web.2 Feb.2015.)

Lee Seung Man

The Three Branches of Goverment

The Govermentby:Joanna Kim


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