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History of Democracy*The earliest Democracy in the world began in Athens Greece.*In Greece there is no king or tyrant and knowbody can propose a new law.*The earliest Democracy in the world began in Athens in 510BC When Democracy proved to be successful in Athens many other cities and states chose it for their Government too.

DemocracyDemocracy is a type of government or political system ruled by citizens and people in society. Each individual has a vote about what to do. Whatever the majority votes for wins.

Eureka stockadeThe Eureka stockade occured in Victoria Australia in the Ballarat region and started in 1854. It is seen as a key event in the development of Democracy in Australia.The Eureka stockade was caused by a disagreement over what gold miners felt were unfair laws and policing of their work by the government.Miners were unable to claim land on which they worked on and so risked being relocated at a moments notice .They were also required by the laws to buy a licence and carry it with them at all times or face a fine and arrest.The miners felt this was an unfair system and were prepared to fight for change.

Core Australian ValuesDignity and respectFreedomDemocracyEquityWellbeingResponsibiltyDiversityRespect for landMulticulturalismEducation


The first democracy began in Australia in 1901.

DICTATORSHIP IN NORTH KOREADictatorship is a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator. Countries such as North Korea and China are example of countries under rule by Dictators. North Korea has been accused of Human Rights abuses. There are reports of torture, public executions etc in this country. The government imposes threats, torture and executions to those whom don't conform. All media is controlled. There is limited use of internet and phone calls. You will be arrested if found with digital media. You cannot leave the country unless permission is granted. There is no freedom for expressing views otherwise you face arbitrary arrest, torture or execution.

The Australian democracy has at it's heart, the following core defining values:> freedom of election and being elected;> freedom of assembly and political participation;> freedom of speech, expression and religious belief;rule of law; andother basic human rights.

Australia's System of government Australia is a Constitutional monarchy, a Federation and a Parliamentary Representative Democracy (voted by the people to represent in Parliament)>The Queen resides in the UK and is represented by the Governer-General. >Australia is governed by a ministry headed by the Prime Minister. >Has a two -chamber commonwealth Parliament to make laws.>has eight States and Territory Parliaments.The constitution defines the Parliament of Australia as the Queen, the Senate and the house of representatives. The Senate -(upper house) represents 6 Aust states and 2 territories. Consists of 76 senators(12 from each of 6 states) and 2 from each territory.

Structure of Democracy in AustraliaAustralia's system of government grew over time from single governors representing the British Parliament to the fully elected representative democracy that functions today. Australia has been a leader in many important democratic steps such as granting women the right to vote and introducing the secret ballot. This is an important feature of a true democracy.Federation in Australia began in January 1901 when our Constitution was developed.

Our Democracy in Australia allows us freedom to criticise the government;freedom from arbitrary arrest;freedom of worship;the right to a fair trial;the right of assembly; andfreedom of movement.


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