Democracy - USA/Canada

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Democracy -  USA/Canada

Fast Facts - The president of the USA is Barack Obama - The prime minister of Canada is Stephen Harper

We vote for Members Of Parliament and the party with the most seats wins the election, then the party votes on who becomes the party leader. But the citizens do not get to vote on who becomes the leader of the winning party or of any party.

Canada- We vote for the political party, not the leader.- We are a monarch.- We can get rid of our leader at anytime we want. This ensures that the government is listening to the will of the people.- Senators are choosen by the Prime Minister.

There are two parties in the United States, Republicans and Democrats. Whoever wants to run for each party can be a candidate to leader the party. Then the people of USA go and vote for who they think should be the leader of the party. Once they have the candidates for President the people once again vote for who should be there next President.

Canada's Parliamentary Democracy Vs United States Republicain Democracy

Similarities- We both have Senators.- We both have electoral districts based on representation by population. - House of Representatives works on a single-member constituency just like Canada, this means on person per district gets voted in.

United States Of America- They vote for presidential candidate then they vote for the president.- They follow a republican system of govenment (no king or queen).- 2 senators for every state, they are voted in every six years.- If they decide that they don't like their government they are stuck with he/she until the next election.


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