Delta Airlines

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Delta Airlines

spreading insceticides by air

the first of many flights

Background: Operates in Hartsfield Airport which competes for the title of the world's busiest airport. It is the world's largest passenger terminal complex. Delta's thriving industry helps bring vacious amounts of income to Atlanta's economy.

Founded in 1928 by C.E. Woolman and B.R. Coad

Delta Airlines

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First started as a way to spread an insecticide from above to exterminate the boll weevil. This company was based in Monroe, Louisiana.

Delta company airplane

I was one of the two founders of Delta Airlines. I was general manager (1928-45) and president (1945-65). Then, I was chieft stalk holder until my death in 1966.

I was yet the other founder of Delta Airlines.

B.R. Coad

C.E. Woolman

In 1927, the company carried airmail in areas between Peru and Equador. The business was eventually sold to Monroe businessmen who renamed it Delta Air. It began its passenger service in 1929 between shorter distances from Dallas, Texas to Jackson Mississippi. Of course, the company grew international.


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