Delta-8 Near Meadow, Vermont

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Delta-8 Near Meadow, Vermont

Delta-8 Near Meadow, Vermont

It looks like a delta-8 near meadow is going to be another player in the "potato substitute" market. But is Delta-8 near meadow a legitimate company? Is it not simply trying to use "plant science" to come up with a new and fancy name for something that has been around for decades? And if Delta-8 is indeed trying to capitalize on the Delta-8 THC phenomenon, then who is the target market? Pot users? Well, let's see. It seems Delta-8 cannabis products are only available in two states right now - Oregon and Vermont. Delta-8 is under contract to sell medical marijuana in Canada starting in February of 2021. Delta-8 cannabis has yet to receive federal approval from the FDA for distribution across state lines. Area52's website states that their Delta-8 THC is infused with" CBD, a natural substance found in certain medical marijuana plants, along with amino acids and other ingredients which may help enhance its therapeutic effects." Okay...but aren't medical marijuana users also using these amino acids and other ingredients? Are they the new "cocaine" substitute? Will Delta-8 become just another lucrative line of drugstore pot that disappears after people discover how addictive it is? I contacted Delta-8 and asked them several questions regarding their hemp product. Here are some of those questions and the response that Delta-8 provided: Q: What are Delta-8 THC Potions? And are they legal in Vermont? A: Delta-8 THC is a trademarked medical marijuana product manufactured by Delta-8 Underwriters Laboratories. According to, the delta-8 THC is not an herbal remedy, but rather is a concentrated, pharmaceutical grade version of Medical Marijuana, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The delta-8 THC is not a substitute for Medical Marijuana, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Q: Is Delta-8 Real? A: Delta-8 Real, and the Delta-8 THC you purchase from Delta-8 Underwriters Laboratories will be highly potent and is not intended for purchase by anyone under the age of 18 years. However, Medical Marijuana is an herb containing a great many of the same chemical constituents found in Delta-8 Real, and it may be combined with Delta-8 for those suffering from certain conditions that may qualify them for use with Delta-8 Real, or as a stand-alone medical marijuana product. The ingredient list includes but not limited to: Q: Why is Delta-8 near Meadow, VT.? A: Delta-8 was chosen as the "Sponsored HGH Product" at the Annual Meeting held in Vt. We have often discussed the need for a synthetic alternative to "grow" our own medical marijuana from hemp. It seems obvious that the Delta-8 found near Meadow, Vt., is simply a testing facility, not intended for retail sales, as the other pharmaceutical grade pharmaceuticals in cultivation are.



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