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Della Reese

Della Reese

Singer and Actress

Young Della Reese won a singing contest called Flame Show and was offered a chance to preform at a bar, which she did for two months. Her next operturnity arrose in 1953 when she signed a contract with Jubilee Records.

On July 6, 1931 Della Reese was born in Detroit, Michigan. When Reese was a young girl she started singing for her church. This is what sparked a life long career.


By the 1960's Della had expolded into fame. She was #2 on the pop charts, made over 1 million copies of her records, and was touring the country.

Della put a hold on to pick up acting. She would eventually appear on Sanford and Son, The House of Yes, Picket Fences, Touched by an Angel, and several more.






Tonight Show

Before the Tonight Show Della was huge in the singing world and made a name for herself in acting. She was a regular guest for CBS's The Ed Sullivan Show. In 1969 she hosted her own show and became the first black woman to host her own show. In 1970, she was the first female to be a guest on The Tonight Show. While on the show she nearly died from a brain an aneurysm.After the Tonight show Della made a full recovery but later battled with diabetes. She would then become the spokes woman for the American Diabettes Association. In 2010 Della became a minster andcontinues to do that till this day.


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