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Lauren Oliver

"One of the strangest things about life is that it will chug on, blind and oblivious, even as your private world-your little carved out sphere-is twisting and morphing, even breaking apart."-Lena

I love you. Remeber. They cannot take it.

Lena Haloway

Hana Tate

Magdelena Haloway is the main charachter. She has always gone with the syster, afraid to go against it. She is very cautious and has a good sense of whats right and whats wrong. She is always trying to fix things and hates it when people are mad at her. For more information, go to:

Hana Tate is Lena's best friend. She can be described as a rebel, but she is wary of the dangers. She goes to parties after curfew, and listens to illegal music. She has only wanted the best for Lena and always tries to patch up their relationship whan something happens. For more information., go to:

Alex Sheathes is an Invalid living as a Cured. He loves Lena and is always doing his best to protect her, which in some cases means putting her life infront of his ouwn. He lived in the wilds for a lot of his life, and both his parents passed away when he was young. For more information, go to:

Alex Sheathes

SettingDelirium takes place in the future, in Portland, Maine. Most of the buildings from the old civilizations are destroyed. The are fences surrounding every city to keep out Invalids. For more information, go to:

ConflictLena is caught between two worlds after she meets Alex, and Invalid living in the city pretending to be a cured. After she and Alex spend more time with together, Lena realizes that she is infected with amor deliria nervosa, also known as love. As Lena begins to realize that her beloved society may not be all that perfect, the date of her procedure creeps closer. For more information, go to:

ResolutionLena and Alex decide to run away into the WIlds together just before Lena's cure. On their first attempt, Lena gets caught and Alex gets away. Her family decides to moe her procedure up. Meanwhile, Hana is feeling guilty for giving the regulators their location, and assists Lena in getting a message to Alex. Alex comes for Lena, and together they make it to the fence, but as Lena drops down on the other side of the fence, Alex is still on the other side with a gunshot wound. He is taken away and is assumed to be dead. For more information, go to:

At the end of the book, Lena was broken when Alex died. I think it especially hard for her because he died getting her out of the city.

This represents Lena andAlex's relationship.

ThemeThe theme of this book is a lot about a government that thinks its doing the right thing, but through a different perspective, is actually very defective. Love is a disease, and the main character, Lena catches it. There is a lot of loyaty to family and friends, and there is also kind of a realization in Lena that not the cureds she knows are actually cured. For more information, go to:

I really liked this book because Lena grows and matures a lot throught the book. I really liked how Alex was able to make her see what was really going on, and that Hana wasn't super-selfish.


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