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Effects of dehydration:1. Lesser oxygen flow to the brain2. Bad breath/unpleasant taste, promotion of cavitites3. Lower blood volume4. Increase in fat deposits5. Less elastic skin6. Kidney failure and toxin build up7. Lack of protective cushion for tissues and cells

Symptoms of dehydration:1. Urine with strong smell and dark yellow in colour2. Constipation3. Increased difficulty in very activities4. More wrinkled skin5. Kidney stones6. Feeling thirsty7. Aching joints and muscle cramps

Effects of water intoxication:1. Increase in blood volume, putting unnecessary burden on heart and blood vessels2. Kidney working overtime3. Damage of glomeruli

Symptoms of water intoxication1. Mild headache2. Impaired breathing3. Muscle spasms or cramps4. Fatigue5. Vomitting6. Unconsciousness

Lack of water intake causes dehydration

Prevent dehydration by drinking at least 8 cups of water a day

water intoxication is caused by drinking too much water

water intoxication can be treated by reducing fluid intake,receiving intravenous fluids

water intoxication can be treated with hormone therapy

Dehydration and water intoxication are dangerous to the human body

Water intoxication?



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