Dehumanization against Jews during the Holocaust

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Dehumanization against Jews during the Holocaust




Dehumanization of Jews


September: Germany invades Poland, World War 2 begins, Jewsforced into ghettos & perform slave labour

February: German Jews deported to Poland

November: Kristallnacht, Nazi's attacked Jews, 30,000 Jews arrested, 91 killed & 500 shops/businesses robbed, 1,000 churches set on fire, Jewish children expelled from public schools

January: Nazi party takes power in Germany, Hitler becomes chancellorApril: Boycott of Jewish stores, German government issued an order firing all civil service workers, 400 specific anti-Jewish laws passedMarch: 10 concentration camps established in Germany (including Dachau)May: Books publicly burned after being declared contrary to Nazi beliefs

Why did Germanslet the Dehumanization get as bad as it did?

During World War 1, when Hitler had been imprisoned, he wrote a book dedicated to his hatred for Jewish people. This book further explained the many reasons he had claimed to hate them for. Dehumanization of Jews began once Hitler became chancellor of the Nazi army and Germany. Rapidly, with the help of Hitler's army, the dehumanization began to occur more often and to a harsher extent. For example, Jews were split from their families, stripped of their human rights, marked with numbers, put into concentration camps having to do slave work and wear uniforms and much more. All examples of the dehumanization they had to experience. Throughout the Holocaust, a total of 6 million Jews had been killed. My assumption is that the people of Germany simply didn't think the Holocaust would occur. Once they had witnessed or heard about the dehumanization towards Jews however, they remained bystanders to ensure their own safety. Though the book that Hitler had written should've served as a warning to the citizens of Germany and Europe in general for what was about to occur, since it was written in prison, I doubt the general population even had the chance to read, or if they did, they would not have taken it seriously as Hitler had no power at that time.


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