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As an anonymous author once stated, “The greatest threat to our society is when people rely on someone else to save the world.” We all use this planet and if the planet fails as a result of environmental imbalance everyone will suffer. As the consequences will directly affect everyone responsibility needs to be taken by those same people. Citations- Orang Rimba- Happiness Lies In the Forest. Prod. Films For Forests. Born Free Foundation, 2009. Documentary"WWF - Endangered Species Conservation." World Wildlife Fund, n.d. Web. 17 Apr. 2015.

Deforestation- Yes it impacts you!

Deforestation is the cutting, clearing, or removal of trees. When an ecosystem is destroyed the life that relied on that area is also destroyed. Species suffer and extinction occurs in droves. Deforestation has caused 26 species to die out and another 644 are in danger of extinction. Clearing of forests diminishes the species which helped to regenerate the forest. WorldWildlife Fund:

Since the beginning, trees have provided us with two of life’s essentials, food and oxygen. Habitats are not just for animal life but for human survival as well. Plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms form a complex, interconnected web of ecosystems and habitats that provides our life support system They give us clean water, breathable air, food, medicine and energy. Without them we cannot survive!

End deforestation!

Call to Action

The What and the Why

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For Futher Watching

Supply meets demand, if the demand for paper products and industrial supplies is high the number of trees cut down will also be significant. - You can recycle your paper prodcuts to cut down on the number of tree prodcuts that your family uses.- You can go online and sign petitions stopping deforestation from occuring in specific areas- You can make others aware of how important the issue is and the impact it will have on THEIR LIFE if they don't.


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