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Brazilian DeforestaionDuring the mid to late 90's deforestation was fairly low. However, in 1988 deforestation reached a high in Brazil.

Changes+It enabled the U.S. to expand across the continent.+Wood from trees was needed to fuel the industrial revolution.+It has provided warmth shelter and trade for many communities.-Massive loss of biodiversity in all regions especially the tropical ones.-One of the main contributer to global warming.-Releases CO2 into atmosphere which is a main couse for Global warming.


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This is what the local food looks like.

Causes of DeforestationMost causes of deforestation are done by humans. We are constantly needing more and more room for our growing population. Another reason we keep cutting down trees is for economic gain.

Here you can see the effects of deforestation

Zimbabwe DeforestationIn 1990 forest covered 22,234 acers of this country. Then in 2000 it shrunk to 19,105 acers. It then continued to shrink, and by 2005 there was a total of 17,540 acres remaining.

Underlying CausesOne of the main underlying causes of deforestation is poverty. It is a quick way for people to make money.

This shows the effects of deforestation

Your deforestation is killing me! :(

Another underlying cause of deforestation is that many countries with a large forest area are poorer and need the money. Therefore, they accept deforestation as a way of life.


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