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Global Warming & Solutions

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Our home, Earth, is full of beauty and impeccable designs in nature. Our world has a delicate balance, which we are threatening constantly. We must put an end to the wrongs that have been done to Mother Nature and her magnificence. Forests and rainforests are the greatest contributors to a healthy planet, yet we are destroying them. Not only are rainforests known as the most biodiverse areas, but they, with their dense autotroph-full forests, provide us with protection from global warming. All of the plants that inhabit rainforests contribute greatly to the consumption and cycling of carbon dioxide that are so vital to keep balance in the atmosphere. As our forests are being cut down, burned down, and wiped from the face of the Earth, global warming is becoming more and more prevalent. This heating of our environment can be attributed to the high level of carbon dioxide that is being poured into the atmosphere constantly by human beings through industry and the like. With the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the environment and the decline in carbon dioxide consumers that are so plentiful in rainforests, the Earth's environment is acting as a one-way mirror. Sunlight and heat are being let in, but carbon dioxide is "insulating" the Earth in a way that does not let it out. This is leading to the increase in temperature of our world. This change in climate affects all abiotic and biotic factors of the biosphere. Habitats change and animals are faced with either adapting or dying - many species will face extinction. Deforestation is speeding up the process of the temperature increase at alarming rates! Stop the destruction of our most precious biomes! Stop deforestation! To help put an end to killing the Earth, you can become active - spread the word and make your voice heard. Many countries, such as Brazil, which occupy great sections of forest, have made laws that make the clearing of forests illegal. However, many people still get away with deforestation. Report someone if you know of this illegal and unethical behavior! And certainly, don't be the offender yourself!

Deforestation: Killing the Earth



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