Deforestation of the Congo Rainforest

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Deforestation of the Congo Rainforest

The deforestation of...

Greenpeace Organization

The Pygmies

Not only is the deforestation of the Congo affecting the animals and plants that reside there, but they have a huge impact on the native tribe to the Congo, which are the Pygmies.

The Congo Rainforest

The Congo Rainforest

-Located in central Africa, along the Congo Basin-About 4 billion trees are cut down in the world’s rainforests each year.

Animals in the Rainforest

-Founded in 1972-Strives to save not only the rainforest, but the Earth.

Ways you can help...

-Protesting and raising awareness of the problem-Joining an organization like Greenpeace

Although we would not see logging and deforestation of a rainforest here in the U.S., it's still a growing problem, and should be taken seriously, because it's harming out Earth each day.


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