Defense Language Aptitude Battery (Aptitude Assessments), English Language Learners

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Defense Language Aptitude Battery (Aptitude Assessments), English Language Learners

The DLAB is a 2 hr long, standardized, aptitude test composed of 126 questions designed to determine one's ability to learn a foreign language and is adminstered to government employees between the ages of 17 and 45 for career placement. It is composed of audio and visual exercises in which one must select the correct answer. The test is formed from a made up i.e. gibberish language, thus there is no real way to study for the test, except to be familiar with your language's gramatical rules. Other assessments in the government for language or job placement are the ASVAB, MLAT and ALAT. Much of the military, the DIA and FBI use the DLAB. A minimum score of 85 of 176 is needed for the "easiest" languages, although many organizations place the "passing" score between 105 and 130. Points are tiered in 5 levels equating to the difficulty of the language the student has potential to learn.

Defense Language Aptitude Battery

New Version:

Aptitude Assessments:

The new DLAB 2 has been designed and tested with the assistance of the University of Maryland to bring it more up-to-date by reducing error and implementing non-cognitive measures, such as personality and motivation, to identify foreign language learning potential. The test is either administered by computer or paper-and-pencil at testing locations, however, there are also pre-DLAB tests available via server to deployed locations. The DLAB provides near-immediate feedback to the student, usually within 24 hrs. The two attachments at the bottom of the page show how scores are reported and a sample test page.



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