[2018] Rishi Sheth: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

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[2018] Rishi Sheth: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill By: Rishi Sheth

How Oil Affects Plant Life

First of all oil spills make the water really dark so when plants at the bottom of the Gulf floor need sunlight the sunlight will not reach the bottom because the water is too dark for sunlight to pass through it completely. Oil also poisons the water that the plants are using so just like the animals the plants will die because they have oil in their system. Oil also lowers the pH of water which plants don’t like because plants need good quality water, not bad quality water that has a low pH. Oil also sucks out the minerals in the water that the plants use to grow. Oil can also absorb sunlight which would increase the water temperature therefore affected the process of photosynthesis.

How Was the Oil Cleaned Up In the Water?

How was Oil Cleaned Up From The Environment?

The Deepwater horizon oil spill started on April 20, 2010. The spill was in the Gulf of Mexico. The spill Ended on July 16, 2010.11 people were killed; 17 were injured.The oil spill was in the hands of the crude oil company BP.

Not-So-Fun Facts

While birds were soaking up a lot of the oil that was being released into the gulf there were volunteers that helped clean up the oil from the spill with oil mops to soak up the oil that was on the surface of the water. Also, some volunteers had sticks and mop bodies and were using them to pick up clumps of oil made by Corexit.

How Does Oil Affect Water Animals?



Oil affects the water animals when they cannot repel the water and insulate from the cold water, birds and mammals will die from hypothermia. On the other hand, when the aquatic animals are trying to clean the oil from themselves they will ingest the oil which will poison their insides which will spread around their whole body until they are dead. Oil will also affect the food chain because some oil patches that are caused by Corexit will fall to the bottom of the Gulf and sneak back into their shells oil contaminated water can rush in any time and drown the turtle, the turtle might ingest it or smother the turtle.

1.8 million gallons of Corexit which is a chemical dispersant that turns liquid oil into solid oil clumps so that it is easier to clean up. They also used oil booms that created a barrier for the oil so that it can’t escape. Oil booms also suck up some of the oil that it has made a barrier around.

If land animals such as ducks on the Gulf of Mexico drink the water that was part of the oil spill their organs will most likely be poisoned from that water because oil is poisonous. Also, pelicans near the Gulf were affected because when they bathe in the Gulf their feathers become heavier so then they become too heavy to fly. What also does is it smothers smaller birds' feathers.

An Environmental Engineer is an engineer that applies the uses of scientific and engineering principles to environmental problems such as protecting environments, human health, and animal health.

Environmental Engineer

How Does Oil Affect Land Animals?

Model of the Oil Spill

Marine Life Affect


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