[2015] Marisol Leyva: Decreasing Healthy Food Prices

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[2015] Marisol Leyva: Decreasing Healthy Food Prices

Reason For So Many Diseases

Eating healthy has many benefits like weight control, mood improvement, combats desease, energy and improves lonevity among other things, but eating healthy can be challenging due to its high cost. Healthy food is great for our health, but we can't the same for our budget, that's something we need to change. A fine place to start would be lowering the costs of healthy foods in our supermarkets.



How can decreasing the price of healthy food better our health?


Decreasing Healthy Foods Prices

This is easier said than done. People do not like being told what do eat; most people do not even eat enough fruits and vegetables, but there must be a way to make a person pick up an apple or any fruit or vegetable instead of a bag of chips or candy. It turns out that the way to our stomachs is basically based on our wallets, this brings us to the idea of changing food pricing, by lowering healthy food costs we can prevent many diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases among others.

To benefit the economy and the people all around the world, we propose to change the prices of all healthy foods because as investigations have shown, people tend to go more towards the cheap food than the expensive. If the healthy food would to cost less money than unhealthy food or at least the same amount then people would most likely choose the healthy food. By choosing the healthier choice their children and themsleves would be less prone to suffer from diseases. With this no one will be able to blame the government for many obesity, diabetes or any other diseases caused by low income because the choice would be their own or their parent's. To make this effective and create the change we can get signatures for a petition that would lower costs, we can also interview nutritionists so they can tell us how lowering healthy food costs will help our health and after that is done we give the information to health organizations and the mayor our city would set the first example. After we do that we plan to spread the message throughout the united States and then throughout the world.


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