[2015] olivia patitucci: Decora

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[2015] olivia patitucci: Decora


A look into the Japanese Fashion Sub-Culture

Decora girls are commonly graciously adorned in all sorts of arm, neck, face, and hair jewelery. Accessoring is very important.

Harajuku is the birthplace of the Decora Fashion, having emerged in he late 1990's.

Kurebayashi is a very popular Decora model and designer. She has over 34k followers on Instagram alone!

Colorful hair is really important part of a Decora coordinate. While some dedicated followers of the fashion dye their hair crazy colors, others stick with wigs to achieve the look.

Decora is not a mask. The fashion allows its wearers to break free of the often rigid social-order Japan institues and express freely the way they want to dress and feel. Decora is an artistic outlet, a way to be confident, and a lifestyle - not a costume.

Websites such as TokyoFashion.com, YouTube, and Instagram help further publicize the growing culture of Decora.

FRUiTs magizine has been documenting japanese street fashion for many years.


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