Declining Fertility Rates in Canada

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Declining Fertility Rates in Canada

Declining Fertility Rates in Canada

Fertility Rates have been declining for many years. Not just in Canada but all over the world! The fertility rate in Canada in 2014 was 1.59 children born per woman compared to 4.3 children born per woman in 1960, thats a HUGE difference!

Your great-grandfather was probably 1 of 7 kids.

Your grandmother, 1 of 4 kids.

You are probably 1 of 3 kids.

You probably want 1 or 2 kids.

Because of the declining fertility rates, Canada's population is now dominated by the aging generation, there aren't as many young people as there used to be.

babies would have needed to been born to replace the adult population in 2010

Woman are having children later on in life. They are waiting to settle down and have children until after they have has a areer and made money. This is a factor to declining fertility rates.

105.9 births per 1000 women

95.2 births per 1000 women

Having children costs a lot of money, thousands of dollars worth. This is a factor that scares people away form having children.

Some people suggest tax breaks, giving more paid maternity leave, and better support for families with children as a solution to entice people to have more children. Right now, moeny is the biggest thing holding people back.

If fertility rates continue to decrease, it could have extremely bad effects on our society. Eventually all the workers that are employed now will one day retire and if those workers don't have children, who will take over? If we have no new workers, productivity will decrease, labour will become expensive and more people will be using the welfare system which means it'll be more expensive.


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