Declaration Of Independence

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Declaration Of Independence

After the Revolutionary War the thirteen colonies made a declaration to declare their independence. In this declartation Thomas Jefferson stated everything England had done wrong and the rights the 13 colonies deserved.


July4, 1776 -approvedJuly 8, 1776- the declaration was read publiclyAugust 2 1776- signed by Congress

The importance of the Declarartion Of Independence is that the 13 colonies claimed their independence as a country. If this wouldn't have happened America would still be part of England, and we may not have gotten the Louisiana purchase. Gaining our independence proved we were strong and we had a good chance of being a successful country.


Major Impact

The United States became a country and we were freed from England. This lead to many important events including George Washington becoming our first president.

Declaration Of Independence


Thomas Jefferson was proposed to write the "rough draft" of the Declaration, although the committee included John adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman. There were a total of 56 signatures on the declaration including everyone from the committee except Roger Sherman.

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*Roger Sherman didn't sign the Declaration, because he thought it was too early to declare independence.*There were over 20 reasons listed on The Declaration of Independence of what England had done wrong.*Congress removed a lot of jeffersons "rough draft" of the Declaration which shortened the length by about 1/4.*Jefferson was very upset about the removal of a paragraph about slave trade, and how Congress changed some words so that they were less offensive to Britians.

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