[2014] 7vway: Declaration of Independence

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[2014] 7vway: Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is the document that says the 13 British Colonies wanted to break apart from Britain and become their own country. The document was wrote by Thomas Jefferson in June 1776. It was approved by ever member of the second Consitutional Congress on June, 4 1776. From that point on the colonies where seperated from Britain.


June 11- Thomas Jefferson drafts the Declaration of Independence.July 4- Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence.July 8- The first public reading of the Declaration is in Philadelphia.July 9-Washington orders that the Declaration of Independence be read before the American army in New York.July 19-Congress orders the Declaration of Independence engrossed and signed by members.

-The Declaration of Independence let the British know that the 13 colonies no longer wanted to be apart of Britain but wanted to be there own coutry. -It started the Revolutionary War which lead to the United States becoming a country.


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