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...are written according to their place value....are written in expanded form....can be positive or negative....have decimal points with digits extending to the left or right.Ex: 0.8483 or 3.09384098

Positional Values

Educational Games-

Example: Using Money to Represent Decimals3.253+(2/10)+(5/100)

Try this!2+(1/10)+(1/100)=?Answer: 2.11


  • NStephens125 8 years ago

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    Great glog. It was a nice touch to add the game sites for more practice.

  • TSvetik125 8 years ago

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    Really spaced out well and very appealing to the eye

  • KiKankowski125 8 years ago

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    Love the background you have chosen, it catches your eye. Your glog is out together very well and I like the the visuals you have used, it's great for children. Great job!

  • AFritz125 8 years ago

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    I love your background. great at for putting images up about the place value. I think that is a great advantage for children to learn. having more than one website for kids to visit so they can have options instead of just one. overall great job