Decimal Project

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Decimal Project

Decimal ProjectMrs. Hanks

Decimals are used constantly in our daily life, no matter what professionyou choose.You must create a glog with a number of pieces:1. The history of decimals presented in a brief but attractive way.2. Interviews with 3 different adults on how they have used decimals recently. You muse present these interviews as decimals problems on your glog and solve them. 3. Create a challenge problem involving decimals for a classmate to solve when we share our glogs.

Requirements:1. You must have at least one video. You can film it yourself or find one online that demonstrates decimal use in real life or the history of decimals. 2. You must have at least one link.3. Your glog must be attractive with images, design and neat text

Check here for resources for the history of decimals.


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