Deciduous Forest

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Deciduous Forest


The SunThe Source Of All Animals Energy

Food WebF0r a Deciduous Forest

Trees have adapted to have thick bark to help withstand winters

Bird Eats Insects off of the deer (Mutualism)

Leeches suck the blood of all creatures that walk through the water (Parasitism)

Bird nesting in a tree hollow (commensalism)

Squirrels have adapted to hibernate over the years

Trees adapted to lose their leaves during cold months to minimize water loss

Swamp Rabbits have adapted to have camoflage, their dirt colored pelts

More info on Deciduous Forests.

SymbiosisA relationship between two animals of different species that benefits at least one of them

Brown= Deciduous Forest

You can find Deciduous Forests in Indiana

Deciduous Forests have very fertile soil. There are four seasons in these types of forests.

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Most deciduous forests have mild summers averaging about 70 °F.

They have almost 14 inches of rain in the winter and more than 18 inches of rain in the summer.


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