Deciduous Forest

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Deciduous Forest



Deciduous Forest


The climate in the deciduous forest varies depending on the time of year, or the season. Fall, is late September to late December. It's warm, 54 degrees fahrenheit on average, but getting colder as winter approaches. Also, there isn't too much rain in the fall. In winter, the biome is cold with lots of snow. The average temperature in winter is 34 degrees fahrenheit. Spring begins in March. In spring the forest gets warmer, and it begins to rain more. In summer, which begins in June, it begins to rain less and it gets hotter. Average temperatures raise to about 80 degrees fahrenheit.


maple bacon =]

strawberry cream pie

thanksgiving dinner


Animals and Plants

From skunks to shrews, there are are many animals in the deciduous forest. Due to the four seasons, all the animals must be adapted to the enviornment in winter, fall, spring, and summer. Some animals hibernate, and some immigrate to a warmer enviornment for the winter. There are also many plants in this biome. Deciduous trees loose their leaves in the fall and grow them back in the spring. Other plants in this biome include ferns, moss, a variety of flowers, and wild berries such as rasberries and stawberries.

In winter, people ski, =]


If you come visit the deciduous forest, you can stay in a chipmunks mouth, or in the beautiful Cape Cod house below. Be sure to make a reservation in the chipmunk's cheeks, as it can get pretty packed.

The deciduous forest is home to wild turkeys, wild strawberries, cranberries, and the sap from maple trees that is used to make maple syrup.


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