Deciduous Forest

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Environmental Studies

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Deciduous Forest

The Northern Spotted Owl

Red Wolf

Deciduous Forest

Black Bear

With its destincted coat the Black Bear is a lone creature (an exception for cubs and mothers) It has long claws to help climb trees and sharp teeth to threaten foes. It is in fact endangered.

The deciduous forest biome is located in multiple continents. Humans have used the oxygen produced by trees, used the biome to camp, and have affected this biome by producing acid rain.

Wildfires are a major threat to these forests because they spread quickly and kill plants and animals. Wildfires are only one of the many threats to these forests along with 'Deforestation'.

The American Beech is a tall and wide tree that can grow to be around 100 feet. The thickness of the bark helps it survive especially during the winter if it were to get extremely cold.

The Red Wolf named after it's coat is a nocturnal animal.They hunt in small groups and use there long legs to weave through the forest.

The Shagbark Hickory tree is well known for the way the bark looks like. Its branches can spread to around 25 feet and can grow to be the height of 100 feet. The tree can grow in a wide range of climates so it can survive.

The Pecan Tree can grow to a big height of 180 feet. The tree can produce up to over 250 million pounds of pecans a year. Which makes a good profit out of selling the pecans all over the world.

Noted for its feathers this owl has a strange flight pattern allowing them to move through the forest with ease.

The deciduous forest has an average temperature of 75 degrees farenheit. The winter season has temperatures below freezing, but it is still classified as a temperate forest.


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