Deciduous Forest Ecosystem

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Deciduous Forest Ecosystem

Deciduous ForestEcosystem

LocationDeciduous forests are found throughout the entire world.But I will be describing the Sussex Nj area.

NichesDeer- Eat grass and keep vegetation downBear-Eat other animals and keep vegatation downCoyote-Keep the small game population downBees- Pollenate the different plantsSnakes-keep mouse population downHawks-Keep snake and other small animal population downThat is only a few of the many animals and other living things in this ecosystem

CompetitionMany different animals compete for food or shelter or other thingsSome fight eachother or they "work it out" and divide it up or other ways. Also two males will fight for a female.

The WaterThe water is filled with so many different species that you could not even be able to count. But They all are very necesary in their own special way. Some clean the water others keep pests down and others keep the other animals clean and there are so many different jobs of these animals

Weather/Climate-average temperature- about 50 degrees-average rainfall- 30-60 inches-leaves change color in fall-leaves fall in winter

RelationshipsMutualism- bees pollenate the flowers and the bees get their Commensalism- A squirrel and a tree, the squirrel gets protection and food and the tree is not harmed in any wayParasitism- Tapeworm in a deer, the tapeworm is benfitted but the deer is harmed

Human useHumans use alot of the natural forests for developments because of the growing population htere needs to be enough husing for everyone also loggers are cutting down many trees for paper products and many other everyday needs that involve trees.

Worlds BiomesArctic Tundra- coldest, permafrost, sun does not rise for six monthsConiferous Forest- northern is "taiga", colder climateDeciduous forest-lose leaves in fall and leaves decay into ground, there is much wildlife in this biomeDesert- not much life, lack of waterGrassland- little rain so not many trees, very little variety of animalsRainforest-gets alot of rain, has alot of wildlife and plants.


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