December News

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December News

Happy Birthday!Fatima...12th

Third Grade News

Mrs. Pasola's Class

December 2011





We are working on publishing our second personal narrative. Our writing is becoming amazing with the use of bold beginnings, exciting endings, and similes. In the near future will be learning to use effective Transition Words in our writing. Transition Words are used to show how ideas are thought to another! In addition to transition words, challenge your child to use POWERFUL words! Instead of the word "big" try the word "gigantic". Soon learning about the Thesaurus will help them. Encourage your child to write whenever possible!

Our reading time is going great! We are continually ANALYZING our reading. We are learning to provide evidence from the story to prove our thinking! Some of the upcoming Reading Skills to reinforce are: Author's Purpose, Making Predictions, Drawing Conclusions, and Asking Questions.

We are busy being Marvelous Mathematicians! Addition and subtraction with regrouping is going really well. After our upcoming Chapter 3 Math Test, we will be moving on to learning about Multiplication. We continue to strengthen our ability to problem solve and have put the steps to successful problem solving in the back of our math notebook. Please continue to have your child practice subtraction facts!

What is the weather like? What climate zone do we live in? How does the water cycle work? These are all the things we have been learning about and many more. We will continue with the rest of our Weather Unit for the next few weeks. There are many videos on Discovery Education to support your child's learning!

Check out these GREAT Reading Series...Click on to answer some trivia!

First Flight December 17, 1903

December 22nd..Polar ExpressMovie, Hot Cocoa (yummy!)December 23rd...Holiday PartySnack and Juice, along with some Minute to Win it Games =)

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Snowman Contest!Create a snowman using the drawing tool in Glogster. We will vote!

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Story Bird

Holiday Break Fun!

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