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December News

Room 203 StrugglesOur class struggles to write in general. In math and science writing, we have to explain how we got our answers. In writing time, we have to write nonfiction. In our past, we have written really fun fiction stories. Now it is changed to writing in every subject. We have to write personal narratives and essays. It is a lot harder. It prepares us for middle school and the writing we will do as adults. The difficulties we have is when we are too chatty and not doing as much work as expected of 5th graders this year so far.--Jerod Fink

CRAFT FAIRThis December on the 16th from 4-6pm, we are having a holiday craft fair at McKinley Thatcher. We are having it so that the school can get money and children can make or buy presents for their parents. One of the things that is going to be there is bead bracelets and necklaces from Uganda to help them live a healthy life. So look forward to this exciting experience.--Joseph Madden

"Al Capone Does My Shirts" is a book I would recommend. I love all of its voice and it's hilariously funny! Paperback gave this book 4.3 out of 5 stars. I personally give it 10 out of 10. It's about how a kid named Moose moves to Alcatraz Island for his sister Natalie to go to a great special needs school. This book takes place in 1935. Moose lives in an apartment with his dad who works at the prison as an electrician alongside prisoners. Readers, get your eyes fired up to read this great book. Gennifer Chodlenko is the author and I recommend all of her books. There is one called, "Al Capone Shines My Shoes".by Chris Banchero

Book FairGet ready to be whisked away and filled with all new sorts of books from the book fair! It starts December 13-17 at McKinley Thatcher's own library. The best part: EVERYONE is welcomed to come from 8 am-4pm. We wish you would fly off with a new bookby Sierra Romero and Molly Worford

Christmas PlansIt's almost Christmas and mostly everyone is shopping for presents. Sometimes people get overexcited about a couple of things for Christmas. For example, some kids get frenzied about toys and electronics. Another example is excitement about special holiday foods. My family makes a many layered cake. The flavors are chocolate, vanilla and sometimes strawberry. Moms might only shop for clothes and things like that. In the meantime, the dads go and buy something they think you want. That mostly happens with girls, so girls, look out for dad presents!by Karime Peregrino-Duarte

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