December 2013 Shark Experts

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December 2013 Shark Experts

Baby Sharks!The way baby sharks are made is similar to how babys are made, except that baby sharks are made in eggs, hatch INSIDE the mother shark, and when ready, they come out of her!

Fast Facts - Sharks don't kill people on purpose, they mistake you for a seal. - The largest shark alive (Whale Shark) right now eats the smallest creatures alive (Plankton) right now.


A Great White Shark!

Baby Shark!

The body of a shark!

Shark's Apetite! Mmmm!Many different Sharks eat many different things, like fish, Plankton, and even dolphins, but one thing no shark eats is humans! Jaws lied to you! Shark Attacks happen because Great White Sharks mistake you for their favorite all day meal - Seals!

Whale Shark!

Great White SharkThe great white shark is the most dangerous shark in the sea.The length of the great white shark is 20 feet (6m).

Studying Sharks Scientists believe that the Megalodon, the largest shark that ever lived, is still out there in the oceans of Earth. After the fake documentary that aired on the National Geographic Channel, more people seem to believe that Megalodons will be extinct forever. Or will they?

Largest and SmallestThe largest shark that ever lived was the Megalodon. Currently, it's the Whale Shark. The smallest shark is the Dwarf Lanternfish.

Hammerhead Shark!

Studying Sharks + Inaccurate Appetite!

Sources Sharks by: David Burnie.Sharks by: Beverly Mcmillan and John A. Musick.All About Sharks by: Jim Arnosky.


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