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Decades Project

Bob Dylan; not an intended political activist. just wrote the music and people followed suit with their opinions on the Vietnam War. He also wrote philosophy and literature into his lyrics. Seeger; grew up in an unusually politically active family, which affected most of his later life and music. He was a political activist and environmentalist and eventaully joined the communist party of America.

To Kill a Mockingbird was a film released in 1962, and directed by Robert Mulligan. It was an adaptation of the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, which is all about someone standing up for an innocent African American in a racist time. Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb was a movie release in 1967. The film was a dark-humored critique of the cold war and was a film that was "brilliant" in it's social commentary.

The March On Washington (1963) was a movement inspired by the African American Civil Rights movement, in which MLK Jr. spoke and helped put into action. Bloody Sunday (1965) was after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, passed by Lyndon Johnson. Bloody Sunday was a march led for the support of a voting rights act, which was met with extreme resistance. 17 people were injured and hospitalized after a police force tear gassed and beat protesters.

In 1967 the sport, football, replaced it's championship game with a game known as the SuperBowl. Muhammad Ali was an African American boxer and the first to win 3 heavy weight championships. He also won the 1960's Summer Olympics and became a huge influence to the African American Civil Rights Movement.

M o v i e s !

A Presentation By Kayla Prather

Decade of Discontent

S p O r T s !

P o L i t i C s !

M U S i c !

F A s h I o N !

Mini Skirts became a huge fad in the 1960's. They were not however, just a fashion statement, but a statement of rebellion during a time when falling in line was what you were expected to do. Paper Dresses were a second fad in the 60's. Made simply to help promote paper products, they became a huge hit as they were cheap and disposable.

I n D u S t R y !

Fast Food! starting with mcdonalds and then quickly growing, by the 1960's fast food was everywhere. in 1969 Wendy's opened it's first restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.The car brand Mustang also became hugely popular as did most "muscle cars" because of the "rebelliousness" of the 1960's.

L i t E r a T U r e !

Ken Kesey was an author who helped tie together the conservative 50's and the hippie 60's.The Feminine Mystique was a book publised in 1963 about feminism and women's civil rights.

T E L i v i s I o n !

Doctor Who first aired in 1963, the day after John F Kennedy was assassinated. The space race was in full swing during the 60's, which made this show much bigger.The Ed Sullivan Show was a show hosted by a NYTimes columnist addressing current issues, like the civil rights movements.

T e c h N O l o g Y !

The ATM was released in 1969. Allowing us to pull out money without going to the bank and waiting for who knows how long in line, this upped the banks status and imporved the economy. The handheld calculator was also released in the 60's, we still use these today in boring classes like algebra.

F O o D !

Buffalo Wings made their debut in the 1960's, a random idea that soon grew to one of the most popular foods and still remains to be!Poptarts, a major industry still today, came out in 1964.


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