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Decade Assignment


The changes in fashion that occurred in the 1930s are essential to vintage inspired clothing today. We love feminine butterfly sleeves and sophisticated elegance, both gifts to women’s clothing from this decade! With the onset of the Great Depression, many people were forced to give up a lavish lifestyle, but an era of big bands and nightlife remained. Women’s fashion shifted to a wardrobe of femininity, and at the start of the 1930s, trends emphasized the natural waistline as way to close out the boyish look of 1920s fashion. Hollywood movie stars played an influential role in 1930s style as well, and what was worn on the screen became acceptable on the streets. The Ruchette today gains fashion inspiration in a similar way, and like the women in the 1930s, she can accentuate her shoulders or wear a low-back dress for equally stylish looks!

History~Pluto was discovered~Air Conditioning Invented~Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor of Germany~Cheeseburger Created~Alcoholics Anonymous Founded~Spanish Civil War Begins~Hitler Annexes Austria~World War II Begins~Wizard of Oz Movie Premiers

1930 Fashion Designers~Coco Chanel~Madame Grès~Mainbocher~Robert Piguet~Elsa Schiaparelli~Madeleine Vionnet

Social Topics of the 1930's~Media~Fashion~"Organized" Crime~Race Relations~Art


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