Dec 2 Gazette

by RossyPG
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Dec 2 Gazette

Yea! "Cool" students who submitted 2 or more assignments! Houston P Jadyn K Sally S Alexandria C Joselyn D Alexander T Jessica G Brennon E McKenzie H Michalla D Austin T Brandi S Terriah D Robert R Donald W Owen N Nathaniel P Cameron G Dallas W Mary Q Brittany B Brent C Owen N Cameron G Mary Q Brent C Lesley B Joshua A Mary D Andrew D Nazya D Kendra H Garrett M Nicolas B Stephani H Dakota B Anthony V Nathaniel L Amanda B Cleveland F Destiny Y Jennifer L Gregory D Jennifer R Ayoub E Victoria B

Grubbs Gazette!

Ms. Grubbs's ScheduleIn office all week!Looking forward to working with you!

See Holiday Challenge below~ Lets help- together!!


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