Deborah, the Judge

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Deborah, the Judge

What did she do?

At that time in history, it was unusual for female to be leader.She was seen as wise judge despite being woman.God had confidence in her. She wanted to serve God.

Why ?


- Biblewise.comJudges 4, 5 from Bible- Images (Deborah Bible as keyword)

Deborah, the Judge


She served as a female judge and she also advised her husband during war over land . Her advice helped the Israelites with the war. Throughout everything, she had faith in God.

Where & When ?

This took place in Israel . Beginning (as a judge) in 1107 B.C. - 1067 B.C when she died.

How ?

She was one of the first biblical examples of a woman with power. This was during a time where men were thought of as most noble above women.

By : Sam Meade


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