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Deborah Samson

~Deborah had six siblings: Jonathan III, Hannah, Elisha, Ephraim, Nehemiah, and Sylvia.~When she was 5 she worked at the home of an elderly widow. ~Soon after that she worked for Deacon Jeremiah Thomas, the father of 10 sons. She often wore boys' clothes while doing her farm chores. Since she could not go to school, the boys taught Deborah the lessons they learned that day.~Deborah had grown up to be a tall and muscular woman, standing about one foot taller than most other women of her time.~Once she was older she became a teacher. A teacher was a very common ladies' job. She also did spinning and weaving work for extra money. ~She overheard some men's conversations about the war and decided to join the cause.~Her height helped a lot as later she dressed up as a man and used the name Robert Shurtliff and fought in the Continental Army.~In 1783, Deborah was wounded in battle, and doctors found out she was not a man. She was honorably discharged.~Later she married Benjamin Gannet. Money was always tight for them.~In 1792, Paul Revere wrote a letter on Deborah's behalf, and she was granted a pension for her service.~In 1983 she was declared the official Heroine of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

1760-Deborah was born 1782-She joined the army as a man1783-She was honorably discharged from the army1785-She got married 1802-Became the first professional female lecturer1827-Deborah died

Lasting Impact


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Deborah Sampson

Who She WasWho She Was


I am the first known American female to pretend I was a man to join the army and fight for my country.

She is like an American Mulan!


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