Deborah Sampson

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Deborah Sampson

American Revolution:Deborah Sampson By: Tessa Marotta

Why Deborah Sampson Went into the WarDeborah Sampson dressed up like a man to fight in the war because at that time women were not allowed to fight in the army/war.

Womens Rights In that time, women only were allowed to cook, clean, and raise children. Deborah Sampson did not want to just stay at home. So she fought about what women could do.

The SuccessAfter many long, hard days, Deborah Sampson and her fellow soldiers won the war. It took a lot of hard work but they did it!

Her BattleDeborah Sampson fought in a major battle to help defend our country and give it freedom. During her battle, she got shot in her leg. Instead of going to the hospital, she removed the bullet from her leg with a pen knife and a needle.

The DiscoveryEventually, everyone found out Deborah's secret! They sent her home which was what she was dreading the whole time. She didn't hesitate to ask the congress for her military pention. They said no but eventually gave in to her and gave her a military pention. She had proved that women could do more than people thought.


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