Debating the Common Hero - Night

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Debating the Common Hero - Night

HumanePoem About Being Humane"While big fish are eaten, little ones are spared the hook;If only humankind were so humane to its own children."-Mucro Pondera Divinus

Debating the Common Hero - NightBy: Weston Houin

BraveryQuote About Bravery"Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death"-Omar N. Bradley

PerseveringShort Story on Perseverance:CLICK HERE FOR LINK

RationalThe Logical Song by Supertramp

Descriptors Of A Hero

Elie Wiesel In "Night"

PerseveringWiesel claims, "The Kommandant announced that we had already covered twenty kilometers since we left. Long since, we had exceeded the limits of fatigue. Our legs moved mechanically, in spite of us, without us" (87).

BraveryWiesel states, "My father was sent to the left. I ran after him. An SS officer shouted at my back:'Come back!'I inched my way through the crowd. Several SS men rushed to find me, creating such confusion that a number of people were able to switch over to the right—among them my father and I" (96).

HumaneWiesel said, "I took him back and helped him lie down. He was shivering. 'Try to get some sleep, Father. Try to fall asleep'" (134).

RationalWiesel claims, "I decided to give my father lessons in marching in step, in keeping time. We began practicing in front of our block. I would command: 'Left, right!' and my father would try"(55).

Comparing Descriptors Of A Hero to Ely WieselThe descriptors that I have chosen for a hero represent Elie Wiesel perfectly in "Night." Persevering in the short story is about two brothers overcoming their differences. This relates to Elie Wiesel because he had to overcome fatigue when running in order to survive. The poem that is about being humane matches Wiesel as a person. He could have given up on his father many times, but instead he continued to take care of him with love. The song "The Logical Song" by Supertramp describes what having reason is all bout. This relates to Wiesel because he had a lot of logic and it saved him many times. For example, when he helped his father to march so he wouldn't continue to get beat. The quote about bravery describes what bravery really is perfectly. Wiesel risked his life many times in order to save his father even though he was scared half to death.

Is Elie Wiesel A Hero?Elie Wiesel is a hero and will always be one. He went through one of the toughest events in the history of mankind and survived. He didn't just live for himself while he was in Auschwitz, but he lived for others too. Elie performed brave acts for his father's benefit. Throughout the entire time he was a prisoner he remain humane in one of the toughest environments. He didn't turn into an animal like many did at the time. Wiesel was also very persevering. He pushed through when he felt like giving up and dying. At times his father wanted to die but Elie did not let this happen. Finally, one of the most important qualities a hero can have is being rational. Without this logical Elie never would have survived through the difficult situations he face. Overall, Elie is a perfect description of what a true hero is. I believe that many can learn from his acts. He will always be remembered as a hero and role model to many.


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