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Social Studies

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Debates as learning strategies

*Debate Activities promote RESEARCH (Farris & Werderich 403): These activities require students to have a firm understanding of material surrounding the debate as they will be required to provide answers to complex questions*Debate increases CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS*Debate fosters ABSTRACT THINKING, ORGANIZATION, and PRESENTATION skills*Debate promotes TEAMWORK(Strategies that work: Debate in the classroom 2015).

Many people hold several misconceptions regarding debate based on what is seen in television and movies. Some of these misconceptions are as follows:* Debate should be used only in secondary and collegiate leveled classes.*There is only one kind of debate in which two people angrily defend their opinion. *Teaching debate teaches dualism(Kennedy 2007), or the belief in having only two sides to a debate. *Teachng argumentation and debate only teaches students how to fight and argue.


The Story about Debates

Why Use Debates?!

Debate activities can and should be used at all educational levels! There are so many different kinds of debate that allows multiple students to test out many different sides of the story, all while providing students with a plethora of benefits!

In Reality...

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Four Corner Debate

Video: Four Corners Activity

There are many different debate activities available to the classroom teacher. Here are some to name a few:Tennis DebateFour CornersRole-Play DebateKoosh Ball DebateMany More!

A Wide Variety

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