Debates of the constitutional convention

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Debates of the constitutional convention

The Constitutional Covention

Date: 1787, during the warmer months Location:Philidelphia, Pennsylvainia Result: The writing of a new Constitution

The Great Comprimise

Among the Attendes were...



The Constitutional Covention whas a meeting that took place in Philidelphia, Pennsylvainia during the year of 1787. The reason was at first, to revise the Articles of Confederation that had ultimately failed, but as it turned out they ended up abondoning the articles completley and writing a whole new, offical Constitution.Basially the only plus of the Articles of Confederation was that the states could print and borrow money. But a numberof disadvantages came with it. To name a few...-9 state representitives would have to agree for laws to be passable ; CON-the other 7 the disagreed may just go ahead and do things their own way-No single leader ; CON- Most people are incapable of acting completly alone. Someone needs to be in charge.-There was no national court wher disputs between states had to be settled in one states court ; CON- People might use that fact that it's in their state to their advantage and play dirty in politics (seriously, no morals!). To resolve these matters a Constitution Convention was arranged. It was held in secret. Even though the origanal reason was just to rewrite it. But as it ended up, many delegates from larger state thought it would be better just to write a whole new set of laws that benifited the majoritiy.

And the Debates over representation

Government wise, there were two optimal choices avaible. The Virginia plan offered by James Madison which meant a two-house legislature, executive branch, and court system. The only thing that some people didn't like was that the number of delegates representing each state in the legislature depended on the population of each state which proved to be a disadvantage to the smaller states like New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Or the New Jersey plan which meant the executive branch had very limited power and a legeslature, in which each state only had one vote reguardless of population. The Great Compromise put the two previously stated solutions together. The legislature would have two parts. The lower branch; which depended on the population(House of Representives). And an upper branch; in which each state had two votes (Senate).The Compromise found in the slave delima was more complicated. You see, many delegate were starting to recognize slaves as people and thought themselves to be hipocrites for ensalving people after just fighting for independence. The Northern state said that slaves should only count for taxes because technically they were just property. The Southern states which were less racist said slaves should count as a full person. And so the three-fifths compromise was born. Which meant slaves would be counted and three-fifths of a person in taxation and representation.

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General Meetings

-George Washington-James Madison-Alexzander Hamilton-Benjamin Franklin


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