Deathwatch glogster

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Deathwatch glogster

SettingAbove: Mojave DesertSide: Plateau


Hunted!Conflict: Man vs. Man; Man vs. NatureBen goes through the desert with the armed Madec watching him. Ben finds that Madec destroyed the supplies from the camp and had the jeep supplies, leaving Ben to be inventive. He stayed in the plateau, keeping the sun off and eat enough food. The helicopter missed him.

PLOT: Decision Time:Madec shoots a man, not a sheep, on accident. Ben wants to tell authorities, but Madec stops him and leaves him stranded in the desert.

Main CharactersMadec: S: Hunter; A: Perceptive; PM: Free, even if it causes cruelty and deathBen:S: Biologist; A: Grow to Self-Reliance; PM: Survive, Truth about Madec's murder, even if cross desert, take Madec back alive

Themes- human frailty in the face of Nature and chance- power of deception- will to survive versus power of principles

Accused!Ben fights Madec, injures him, and takes him to a town prison. Madec deceives everyone, making it seem like Ben was the murderer. Only the doctor's autopsy could save Ben.

Resolution: The judge releases Ben and imprisons Madec.



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