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Death of a Salesman

Relating to a Globalized World

Death of a Salesman is the story of a man, Willy Loman, who is a salesman in New England throughout the 1920's, 30's, and 40's. He lived all his life trying to become an independent and successful man, more so than his father was, and to also set his eldest son, Biff, up to be successful. However, Willy was never meant to be a salesm,an. He started off in the business as a decent salesman, but as times went on and changed, WIlly was unable and unwilling to change with them. Ultimately, he loses his job and his son is unsuccessful. In the end, he decidces to kill himself in order to help his son achieve the success he was unable to. Willy's story is a cautionary tale in our flat world as it depicts realistically the life of a man who bulit his life around the American dream , but was ultimately unsuccessful because of his inability to change and adapt with the rest of the world.

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