[2014] number22: Death-Shrooms

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[2014] number22: Death-Shrooms

Magic MusroomsMagic Musrooms also known as "Shrooms" and "Mushies" are Psilocybin Mushrooms. They are a hallucinogenic drug. They cause you to see and hear things that aren't really there. The mushrooms are often eaten raw or cooked. Sometimes people steep them in water to make tea. They are also sometimes injected or snorted through the nose.

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Short Term Effects:-light-headedness-dialated pupils-naseua and vomiting-numbness-paranoia-confusion and disorientation-loss of cordination

Long Term Effects:-psychosis (loss of touch with reality)-reoccurrences of hallucinations long taking the drug (flashbacks)-may alter personalty

People take magic mushrooms for/to:-hallucinate-the mood enhancement-the general happy feeling-the strong sense of creativity-the feeling of wonder and awe-the escape from reality

-Violence (people will fight people during withdrawl and also to get money)-People can do dangerous and crazy things while high-Death (people can die from overdoses of the drug.)

-Theft (people will steal money to buy the drug.)-If a person gets addicted they can change and they will never be the same person again (this can greatly effect parents and family members.)-The drug can cause mental problems (people might stop seeing you.)

Effects On Community

The price of Magic Mushrooms in Canada is:5$ a gram60$ 1/2 an ounce100$ an ounce

Magic Mushrooms could have been used up to 9000 years ago!

There are at least 144 different species of Magic Mushroomplants.

Some animals can be effected by Magic Mushrooms.

Some people belive Magic Mushrooms can be good for you if used correctly.

A video on Magic Mushrooms


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