Death penalty

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Death penalty

Death penalty in USA

Death penalty consists in cause death to a prisioner. It’s caused by the State like a punishment for a crime.

During 2010, 39 prisioners were executed in USA and 3108 were in the death row – it’s a rate minor to a 2%. States such as Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio and Arizona execute muders with frequency. Texas has made the highest number of executions and Oklahoma has hadthe highest rate of executions per capita. In 2014 the 80% of executions were in the stated of Texas, Missouri and Florida. The last state to abolish death penalty was Nebraska in 2015.

Death Penalty in USA it’s legal in 31 states, and in a federal level in the civil and military systems. Its application is limited to homicides made by adults competent mentally. Until December of 2015, 19 from 50 states of USA have abolished death penalty and 31 of them still preserving death penalty.



Since 1977 more than 1200 people have been executed, 463 in the state that have caused the highest level of death, Texas. One of these people was David L. Powell. He was executed in june of 2010, after pass over the death row during 30 years, almost the half of his life. One of the psychiatrist that attends to him during his last years said:” David Powell has an exeptional capacity to deal with people and educate them. He is able to look over his own steps and his trajectory with wisdom and clarity".The authorities of Texas didn't think that people can change


Troy DavisIn 1989, savannah (georgia) this young man lose the control in a party and started to shot everywhere. One of the bullets reached a policeman, Mark Macphaio who died . Until September 2009, Davis was asking for his inocence. 7 of the nine witnesses that declared against him said they were under pressure. They never found the gun that he used suposedly.




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