Death & Dying

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Death & Dying

What is Death?Death is the cessation of the connection between our mind and body.Functional Death: The Absence of Heartbeat and Breathing.Brain Death: The signs of brain activity as measured by electrical brain waves, have ceased.

Ages of ReasonBefore 5 death is not fearsome because it is reversable.After 5 There is finality, but death is not universal.Adolescence-The finality and ireversable nature of death exists. But they view themselves as indestructable.Young Adult-The grief can greatly increase with death or the prospect of death when thoughts of future planning are key.

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The 5 Stages of GriefDenial-Avoid the inevitableAnger-Express bottled up emotionsBargaining-Seeking in Vain for a way out.Depression-Realization of the inevitable.Acceptance-Finally finding the way forward

Bereavement-Acknowledgement of the objective fact that one has experienced a death. Grief-The emotional response to that death.

Timing and suddenness of death can greatly influence the Grieving process. Sudden death causes most people to have more trouble adjusting, than a death that they had time to prepare for. Someone who had a stained relationship with the deciesed may sturggle even more with their grief. Death no matter how expected or unexpected still takes a great toll on those involved.

Ego-integrity VS. Despair : Characterized by a process of looking back over ones life, evaluating and coming to terms with it.Body Transcendence VS. Body Preoccupation :Redefine oneself in ways that do not relate to work roles or occupation.Ego-transcendence VS. Ego-preoccupation : People come to terms with their death.

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Death & DyingBy: Kelsey Slade

Easnest Becker: Death anxiety is very real and is the deepest source of peoples concern. Many everyday fears are driven by this intense fear of death. Ie. Fear of confined space is caused by a fear of death. Many daily behaviors are people's attempts to ward off death

Three Theories

Mohammad Samir Hossain : Death is not the end of existence and instead of viewing death as the endpoint, think of death as an ongoing process.

Sigmund Freud: Most people have fear at death, but it is not the death itself that people fear, because they don't actually believe in the reality of their own death.


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