[2015] Kanishk Minocha: Death Benefits

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[2015] Kanishk Minocha: Death Benefits

PLOT-Is a story of a teenage boy named Royce who gets across the country to meet his grandfather, a famous cellist of his times.-When he went there he felt alone and iscolated and spent hours watching T.V. and made plans to to retun back. But they failed, when his grandfather became more sick. -Gradually he realised that looking after his 95 years old grandfather is a challenge.


THEME-Love for the family-Caring and helping

MAIN CHARACTERROYCE PETERSONRoyce Peterson a sixteen year old teenager, nicknamed Rolly lived with his mother in Nova Scotia. He is not anctive boy but very caring and helpful. Royce learned to be responsible and respectful at a very young age.

SETTINGSixteen-year-old Royce Peterson was forcibly moved all the way across Canada, from Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia(TIME- 21st century)

CONFLICTPerson v/s Pesron ( Royce and his mother)-Royce fighting with his mother he doesn't wants to move out and take care of his Uncle who was suffering from Alzheimers.The problem was resolved, as Royce went over his Uncle place to help him

Evaluation and RecommendationYes, I liked this book because this book talks about a teenager who makes ways to get ff from his grandfathers place but he can't which is interesting.I recommrndate this book to youing adults who have interest in reading the book which tals about teens.

Quote"He's impossible, Marta," she says. Absolutely impossible. Does't have any friends. Sleeps all day. Watches TV all night. Never showers. Refuses to cut his hair. Pushes his dirty dishes under the bed or stuffs them in drawers with his dirty underwear. I'm at my wit's end" (Page 1, Paragraph 2)

Sarah N. Harvelyis an edditor and author many famous books such as The West is Calling. She lives in Victoria, BC. This book was inspired by her experience carring for her aged father


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