[2015] Naiya TemplerTeran (8K2015): Dear Jo

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[2015] Naiya TemplerTeran (8K2015): Dear Jo

This book has taught me a lot about cyber saftey. It has taught me that when emailing or talking, not face to face, people can seem a lot nicer then they really are. when you're typing something you can write it out then edit it then make like 10 drafts until it is perfect and also not you. In real life when you talk you can only have the first draft, you can't turn back time and rephrase it. This is important because people can act as whom ever they feel like,on the internet, even if they're not good actors so it is really easy to be manipulated. Also, it taught me to never put my real name or imformation online or obsessivly speak to one person. If I put any information online anyone can read it and know who I am or where I live and that's obviously not a good idea. When you speak to someone obsessivly online, like Max did, the person you're talking to you can get to know you more then you intended. If you're speaking to someone three times a day you're going to let something slip or get to trust this person more then you should. When you begin to trust a person you can let your guard down and give off personal imformation.OpinionI did not really like this book. It was way too long and was way too sad. When I read I read for fun so I never choose super sad books because that just brings me down. Furthermore, i don't like the characters in this story. All the characters are too realistic. They act exactly as you would think they would act and I think that characters should be unpredictable, funny or odd. Also, I did not like the journal format. In some other writing formats you can see the book from other character's perspectives. In journal format you only get to see the main character's perspecive and that can get a bit boring. The parts of the book I did like were the parts that were suppensful and you did not know what was going to happen like when Max went to the mall to catch 2FunE. Sadly theese parts did not come up often in the book.

Cyber Saftey

Leah is selfish bold and kind. Leah is selfish because she always wanted to be the best at everything and was sometimes mean when someone else was better then her. For example When Max was talking about 2FunE asking her to meet him, Leah got angry and bragged that muscleboy was better and didn't talk to Max for a week. Ths is selfish because she always wanted more then everyone else. Leah was bold because she was always showing off and agreeing to meet muscle boy behind her parents back was bold too. An example of Leah showing off was when she saw a bunch of teenagers that were doing backflips off a dock and Leah trained all day to be as good as them and when they came back the next day she fliped like she was doing it for years in front of them. This is bold because she almost cracked her head open practicing all day and most people would feel embarassed showing off. Leah is kind because even though she was over competitive, sometimes she regretted it and made up in the end. In the book Leah came to Max's house on her birthday so she would be the first person she had seen as a 12 year old. She gave Max a jewlery box with a nice note saying thank you for being her friend even though she could be really difficult. Being kind is to always appreciate each other and admit and apoligize for your mistakes.



Book Report

Dear Jo


Maxine is very dependant, loyal and dishonest. During the entire book Max doesn't get over Leah's kidnapping. She is always thinking about it or writing about it and never just moves on and just hangs out with her friends. This shows dependance because most people after a couple of months would get on with things and hang out with new people but Max was crushed. She was so dependant on Leah that when she dissapeared her whole life turned upside down and she became so depressed that she failed all her classes and had to see a shink for an entire year. Max is loyal because she stays best friends with Leah even after she left. Most people would go looking for a new best friend and wouln't be as affected by it as much as Max. This shows loyalty because Max was so loyal to Leah that it takes her more then a year to become less depressed and even longer to get a new best friend and even then she will never stop missing Leah. Max is dishonest because throughout the entire book she lies and lies. She lies about not using the internet before at Leah's house, she lies about being ok, and she lies about using the internet after her parents find out that she textes 2FunE. This helped 2FunE because no one knew that Leah was still emailing muscleboy and except Max and her friends which made it slower for detective Lucas to figure out what happened.

Glog by:Naiya

In the book Dear Jo we meet Maxine, a 12 year old girl who's extreamly depressed. In The beginning Max talks about how her and her friend Leah used the internet after her parents specifically told her not to. They went on sites like habo hotel and different music forums under the name hottie2 and met a 16 year old boy named 2FunE who they talked to a lot as one person. After a while Maxine took over being hottie2 and emailed him every day twice at school and once after school at Leah's house. While this was happening Leah met a different person named muscleboy and started emailing him. One night after Leah, Max and her friends went to the movies Leah smiled at them real big on her portch and that was the last time anyone saw Leah. There was a huge search and everyone in Port Hope and surrounding cities were looking for her and she was on amber alert and her crying family was on the news every night but no one found her. During this time Max's grades were dropping and she had many suicidal thoughts and had to go to a phyciatrists. After a while detective Lucas asked her about 2FunE and muscleboy and when they read the emails they found out that both of them were the same person. Max felt sick and even more depressed after that. In the spring a farmer found Leah's her body in the middle of nowhere after the snow melted. There was a funeral with the whole town and it was on the news. Max now is bent on catching him and getting revenge. Her and detective Lucas start emailing 2FunE again and they finally get him to meet them in the mall. Max get's dressed up in the police department and they set up "Operation Max" to catch him. After they caught him and confermed that he killed Leah there was a book deticated to Leah, that Max contributed to, and Max starts doing better and starts do do better in school and hanging out with her friends more.

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