[2015] Grace Charron (8K2015): Dear Jo

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[2015] Grace Charron (8K2015): Dear Jo

Dear Jo,


Character analysis

Maxine's Poem to Leah.

My opinion:I really enjoyed this book. This book had moments where it was funny, and moments where it was depressing. I really enjoyed the suspense and the cliffhangers that it left us. It was a crazy book, with a lot of twists and turns that drove me insane with curiosity and anger. There were several moments where I was happy, like when they caught Leah's killer, and there were moments when I got upset like when they found Leah's body.I really liked the entry written format, because I like how every entry is like their own little chapter. I think that it is creative, but also a bit overused, as i have read many books written in entry format.What I learned: I never really thought about how dangerous the internet can be, and how some people on the internet are internet predators, trying to kidnapp children, teenagers, and sometimes adults. I learned that I should be more safe while using the internet, and that I should never give out personal information to anyone on the internet, unless I am talking to somebody I know personally.

Maxine and Leah are two twelve year old girls who love going on the internet in their spare time. One day, Max and Leah meet a fifteen year old boy on Habbo Hotel, who goes by 2funE. Max and Leah continue talking to him as a fifteen year old girl named Hottie2, until Leah meets another boy named muscleboy, and leaves 2funE for Maxine to talk to. After a couple months, Leah is reported missing. Max cannot deal with it so well. She stops talking to her friends (Lexi, Amanda, and Kelcy), and stayed inside. She was depressed. When Detective Lucas comes to Max’s house to ask her to get into Leah’s computer, they find out that Leah went to go meet muscleboy, who just so happened to be 2funE. Max keeps trying to talk to 2funE, but he won’t reply. After sixteen months of Leah missing, they found her body in a field covered in dirt, snow and leaves. Max becomes even more depressed, and even more eager to catch 2funE. Finally, after weeks of waiting, 2funE emails back, and they’re back to emailing on a daily basis. Max and 2funE decide to meet, and Maxine and Detective Lucas come up with a plan to catch him. 2funE said his name was Brad, so she gave him a fake name and said her name was Judee. On the day that Max was supposed to meet Brad, Max got in disguise as a fifteen year old, and went to go catch the man who killed her best friend. A man came up to Max at the mall, claiming that his son was Brad, and he got hurt, so he would take her to meet him. Max lead 2funE into a trap, and ran to get her purse. As soon as Maxine was down the hallway, the police had pounced on Brad, and arrested him. The man’s real name was Gabriel Basile, and he had killed Leah, and was sent to jail. This book is written in Max's journal, which she was told to write in by her therapist.

Maxine:I think that Maxine is brave because when the time came, Max didn't hesitate when she had to meet 2funE so that the poilice could catch him.Max is also a bit self centred, because when she got a dog, she always talked about how the dog loved her best, and she always talked about how she was Leah's best friend out of everyone. Another trait about Max is that she is depressed (or sad), because when Leah went missing, it had a really big impact on her, so she was always upset,and distanced herself from everyone she cared about.Leah:Leah is very determined. I think this becuase Max said that whenever Leah did something, she made sure that she did it the best she could. For example, when Leah and Max were at the beach, they saw some boys doing flips, and for the rest of the afternoon, Leah did flips on the dock until she perfected it.I also think that Leah is a bit careless. I think this because she has probably heard of internet safety before, but she didn't care, and went to go meet muscleboy anyways, and then got kidnapped, and she ended up dead in a field.Another trait that Leah has is popular, or famous (within her friend group). I think this because in the book, everyone in their friend group loved her the best. I also think this because when she was killed, the city made a book about her, and when it was her funeral, alot of people came, even from outside the city, and the news reporters.

To Leah, my best friend.I hope you can see the worldFrom wherever you areOur tears, our fears, our sadnessFor you, our fallen star.

You were here one minute,But then you were gone,And nobody understands,Why you've been away so long.Your family can't stop crying,We heap flowers at your home,We all have each other,But you're all alone.

Everyone feels the hole, Thats left in your place,And all we can do is stareAt your school picture face.

By Christina Kilbourne

My opinion on this book / what I leared

I think the main purpose of this book is to tell young people that they need to use the internet safely. I think the author (Christina Kilbourne) chose this message because they think strongly about this suject. They might think strongly about this topic because maybe someone in their family or one of their friends got hurt/ kidnapped/ killed by an internet predator, or maybe someone in their family was an internet predator, or she heard a story about a person that got taken by an internet predator.

Main purpose


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