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DEAF/BLINDGenetic/Chromosomal Syndromes

4 Most Important for All SyndromesCommunication Hands become the voice. Tools include braille and adapted signs.Orientation & Mobility (O & M) Aids such as assistance cards will help deaf/blind be able to communicate and function in unfamiliar terrain.Direct Teaching Requires separate setting as general ed teachers lack the time to direct teach to one student.Structured & Predictable Routines Provides a sense of security, which is critical.

CHARGE Syndromea genetic mutation, presents anomalies at birth. Features coloboma, usually shaped pupil and/or abnormalities of the retina & optic nerve. Light sensitivity.Usher Syndromeinherited condition, features hearing impairement and retinis pigmentosa, which creates vision problems very young that get progressively worse.Down Syndrome damaged chromosomal material, it leads to intellectual disability and deaf/blindness.

3 Syndromes-3 CommonalitiesAccessing Information Usual sources of information are useless. (TV, internet, etc.)Communicating Student can be socially isolated due to limited ability to interactNavigating the Environment Restricted ability to make use of auditoty signals for navigating the environment.

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