Deaf and Blindness

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Deaf and Blindness

Ten Instructional Strategies: 1.Systematic Instruction is the basis for clearly identified goals for the lesson while the instructor follows a structured sequence to teach the skill. 2. Naturalistic Teaching is a child-guided approach to teaching and learning. 3. Routine based instruction are activities that follow a clear and predictable sequence of events. Many routines are performed on a daily basis or multiple times during a day giving a learner generous exposure to the skills involved in the routine. 4. Help the student communicate and understand communication of many types.5. Make use of the student’s usable hearing and vision. Know what the student can and cannot hear or see and how that changes in different environments.6. Consider the use all any of the five senses to help the student learn.7. Respect the student’s use of touch as his hands may be the link to everything and everybody.8. Allow plenty of time for reactions and decisions. Since understanding the whole picture is difficult, it may take longer to ‘put the pieces together.’9. Develop positive self-esteem by giving the student opportunities to make choices.10. Give immediate feedback to the student’s actions and attempts to communicate, including reinforcing success and giving strategies to make them more successful.

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How Deaf-Blind people learn to speak

Routine Based Instruction

Example of Systematic Instruction

Example of Naturalistic Teaching






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